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Important AT&SF–sources and links in English language
The following links lead to the internet sources used to create this page. First come sites with general historical interest, then follow sites in a rough geografical order:


Russell Crump’s Santa Fé Archives
Very rich compilation of historical sources, fotos and information about the AT&SF:
Clic Books, Time Tables, Track Charts, Historic Photos, Building Records, Side Track Records, Station Layout Books, Transportation Service Plans, Plans & Plats, The Splinters, Meades Manual, Junction Records, Freight Car Folios, Form 598 Standard, Water Service Records, Along the Way – Route Guide


Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway
Very good overview in Wikipedia – The Free Encyclopedia with nice illustrations.


ATSF History Sites
Collection of first rate historical links about AT&SF and subsidiary railroads in alphabetical order.


Railroad Maps 1828 – 1900
Zoomable historical maps provided by the Library of Congress showing american railroad lines, branches, stations, etc. Browse e.g. "Santa Fe" ...


Kansas Historical Quarterlies, 1968 (Vol. 34, No. 2), p. 113–142
The Birth of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad I

Original article by Joseph W. Snell and Don W. Wilson transcribed by Barbara J. Scott. Text based mainly on articles taken from Kansas newspapers and personal notes of Cyrus K. Holliday revokes the beginnings of the AT&SF railroad starting in 1859 until 1870. Lots of great photos dating from the early years.


Kansas Historical Quarterlies, 1968 (Vol. 34, No. 3), p. 325–356
The Birth of the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad II

Sequel to the above article featuring the period of the railroad construction through Kansas (1869 – 1872) and a brief glance at the future expansion of the AT&SF RR to the west and southwest until it’s reorganisation as AT&SF Railway company in 1895.


AT&SF–locomotive No. 132: A Baldwin 2-8-0 consolidation
The locomotive No. 132, designed 1880 to cope with the gradation at Raton Pass, Colorado, is featured here by the Kansas State Historical Society. The introduction mentions the settlement of Russian-German Mennonites in Kansas along the rail tracks of the AT&SF.


A History of Coal Mining in Las Animas Cty., Co.
This site contains information about AT&SF’s Trinidad Coal and Coke subsidiary. In 1878 this company opened its Starkville mine to supply coal for the AT&SF locomotives.


History of the Royal Gorge War 1878–1880
Page provided by the Bureau of Land Management, Colorado, with fotos of the recent site recalling the Royal Gorge War in the Arkansas Canyon between the Denver & Rio Grande and the AT&SF.


AT&SF depot in Littleton, Co.
Brief but complete story of AT&SF activities in Littleton since 1887 with nice fotos of the classical AT&SF–depot constructed in 1888.


Iron Rails on the Santa Fe Trail
This hard to read text (found while googling on the pages of the San Diego Modelrailroad) describes the history of the AT&SF ending with the achievement of the second transcontinental railroad line through the connection in Deming on march 8th 1881.


The AT&SF system in Texas
The Handbook of Texas online tells on this very instructive site about the development of the AT&SF in the state of Texas from the first entry in 1881 until 1989. The article includes the purchase of the Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railroad in 1886 by the AT&SF.


Gulf, Colorado & Santa Fe Railroad
Another site of the Handbook of Texas online taking the perspective of the GC&SF from it’s purchase by the AT&SF Railroad in 1886 to the merge into the AT&SF Railway Company in 1965 and to the end of the 20th century.


Craig’s Railroad Pages (Craig Bass)
A day along the Santa Fe

A little bit of railroad nostalgia in black and white. Fotos taken at Cajon Pass between San Bernardino and Barstow, California (1984).


Craig’s Railroad Pages (Craig Bass)
Southern California Santa Fe Scenes

Color fotos of diesel engines and cabooses at Cajon Pass, San Bernardino and Phoenix, California (early eighties).


Craig’s Railroad Pages (Craig Bass)
My memories of the Santa Fe Railway in Fallbrook, California

Text with maps, plans and detailed fotos.


Craig’s Railroad Pages (Craig Bass)
Fotos of the Santa Fe Railway’s Lake Elsinore Branch

Color fotos taken three years after the branch was officially abandoned in 1981.


Craig’s Railroad Pages (Craig Bass)
Depots of the West: Santa Fe

Nice fotos of the depots Barstow, Carlsbad, Corona, Del Mar, Escondido, Fallbrook, Hemet, Lake Elsinore, Leucadia, Oceanside, Perris, Riverside, San Diego an Victorville, all California as well as Grand Canyon, Arizona.


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